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Via Volta 3, Torino - CAP 10121 - IT

Travel Media House S.r.l.

P.IVA: 10951600013

Title: Ethiopia by Tuk Tuk

Genre: Travel documentary

Running time: 52 or 87 min
Ratio: 16:9

Language: Italian - English dub

Any other under request

Extra: -

Slow and steady wins the race, and it also gives you time to observe, interact with people, do some thinking, take pictures and enjoy it.


So is there a better way of doing this than putting together a team and undertaking journeys aboard tuktuks, mopeds, bicycles, and any other means of transportation whose speed normally doesn’t exceed 50km/h? Or perhaps even travel solo, spend time in unknown contexts, take a break from a hectic life and find new spaces for yourself.


The trip is a tremendous opportunity for the selected participants: youngsters who just graduated or are at the beginning of their careers.

It is the travellers themselves who are charged with the production of the story to be told: from the script to filming, through dialogues, editing and layout; the final output should be an entertaining story for the viewer or reader, while at the same time serve as an introduction for each one of its creators.


The final goal is to create the first series of docu-reality talent shows and editorial works completely produced by the participants, designed to be culturally enriching, entertaining and useful at the same time. This gives the opportunity to recount a real experience and offers some motivated youngsters the possibility of becoming known themselves.


Moreover, each one of these adventures also serves the purpose of documenting some delicate social issues and promoting road safety worldwide (who goes slowly risks less…). This is true social responsibility!