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Via Volta 3, Torino - CAP 10121 - IT

Travel Media House S.r.l.

P.IVA: 10951600013

Title: The World in Slow Motion

Genre: Travel documentary

Running time: 10 or 26 min
Ratio: 16:9

Language: Italian - English dub

Any other under request

Extra: -

What are the Adventures in Slow Motion? They are great experiences told without filters by Gabriele Saluci, the Sicilian who presents, and Ludovico de Maistre the Piedmontese who produces.

Thousands of miles around the world to produce movies that tell the reality in a genuine and fun way.

It's just like the difference that exists between Fast Food and Slow Food: Would you rather have a hamburger in 5 minutes, or a steak while sitting at a table sipping a glass of good wine? The World in Slow Motion means taking your time to observe participating in what you're documenting and having great fun trying not to get lost in the middle of nowhere.

The series of adventures of Gabriele and Ludovico has been defined "nomadic comedy of reportage" by a major Italian travel program and it has the aim to promote a slow and responsible way of traveling through fun trips with unusual vehicles.

Gabriele and Ludovico have produced a full documentary. "Ethiopia by Tuk Tuk", and a series of episodes filmed all around the world.