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Via Volta 3, Torino - CAP 10121 - IT

Travel Media House S.r.l.

P.IVA: 10951600013

Title: Travel on a Wheelie

Genre: Docu Serie

Running time: 12 minutes per episode
Ratio: 16:9

Language: Italian - English dub

Any other under request

Extra: -

Strong, full of life, volcanic and always cheerful, Danilo and Luca five years ago gave life to "Viaggio Italia around the world", a special trip made of sports (even extreme), meetings, tests and challenges… all faced aboard their wheelchair!

Sometimes, most important friendships are born in the most difficult moments. This was the case with Danilo and Luca.

Their friendship began in the corridors of the "Unità Spinale" of Turin over 20 years ago, after an accident, a dramatic event that Danilo and Luca chose to live as "a beginning". The beginning of a new life, of a new way of seeing things, of a new adventure. 

The objective of the trip is to show that living (not surviving) with a disability is possible: everyone has the right to travel, work, play sports, fall in love with places and people, learn about, meet, learn, help others… their Journey is a story of courage, freedom and autonomy, a hymn to love for life and the strength not to give up in the face of difficulties, to discover their own limits with the desire to overcome them or even to recognize them.