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Title: WE NEED LUNGS – Finding your satori

Genre: sport/adventure documentary

Running time: 67 min
Ratio: 16:9

Language: English
Any other under request

Extra: Making of

Sebastiano Arlotta, ultra-runner, Italian, class of 1988. After a series of sporting accomplishments from IronMan to desert ultra-marathons across the Gobi, Atacama and Sahara, takes on a new challenge: run across the Pyrenees mountain range starting on the Atlantic coast to finish on the Mediterenean coast.  A total of 900km with a whopping total of 60.000 meters of ascent and descent and 9 days to finish. It is not only a quest for a new record, but an extraordinary human endeavor to chase his inner satori.

In this adventure, Sebastiano takes on all of nature’s elements – from extreme weather conditions to very difficult terrain – but also time, navigation, and he will test his own physical and mental strength. 
On his side, to guide him across the whole GR10 route is his ex house-parent from school – a renowned international mountain guide – Bill O’Connor with his wife Sallie. 

Bill, a man of experience, determined and practical, knows very well the rules of the mountains and is no stranger to extreme physical challenges and expeditions. Only he knows Sebastiano well enough to guide him and help him achieve this goal across these mountains studied in details months before departure.

The fundraising of Sebastiano and We Need Lungs will be used to finance an Organ Care System machine for the reconditioning of the lungs during transport to the transplant center.

ORGAN CARE SYSTEM – OCS is the first organ physiological perfusion system with a portable physiological temperature designed and built to be loaded on all means of medical transport (cars, airplanes and helicopters).

Thanks to this machine, during the journey to the Transplant Center of destination, the lungs are “cleaned” and “revitalized” by the perfusion technique, to be immediately transplanted, so as to prevent the risk of ischemies and post-transplant complications.

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